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Thank you for considering opening your home to an inbound exchange student. You are the student’s landing space and launching point as they discover and experience life in our region of New York. In exchange, you will participate in a global community that shares the same hopes and dreams that we all do.

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Next Steps

The family will:

  • Fill out an application
  • Participate in training and orientations
  • Participate in a background check (provided by Rotary, for all household members 18+)
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for trust and friendship to develop
  • Support and make the student feel like part of the family, with the same privileges and obligations
  • Gently encourage the student to learn and adopt most of the ways of your household
  • Provide room, board, and a place to study for the student.

Your Local Rotary Club will

  • Provide orientation and training to both the family and the student
  • Provide a Club Counselor who checks in with your family and the student at least once a month
  • Provide you with all necessary documentation that the student will need throughout the year, including insurance and travel authorization
  • Provide transportation to and from Rotary events
  • Provide support as needed
  • Provide a monthly stipend to the student
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