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This program allows students to experience another culture for a shorter period of time. Students in this program visit another country for roughly three to six weeks and are sponsored by their local Rotary Club.

The purpose of this program is to strive towards better understanding of their cultures. By living in another country, we hope students will be able to see the different challenges that other cultures face, their customs, and their way of life. We want to provide an environment conducive to both personal, and interpersonal growth. Living in another country also allows students to learn a language in an easier fashion than a normal course. Being fully immersed in another culture, students learn how to interact in another language and pick up what they really need to carry a conversation and communicate effectively.

Short Term programs run during the summer. Two families are paired, and they host each other’s students. During this time, students cannot have jobs or other obligations that would interfere. The coordination and cost of travel is the responsibility of the families.

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  • Students ages 15-18.5
  • Have an interest in foreign language and culture
  • Active in school and community
  • Local Rotary Club Youth Exchange Officers must interview students and their parents
  • It is a 3-6 Week program
  • School attendance is not required
  • Students live with one family for 3 weeks, then both students return to country where student is from and lives with that family for the same amount of time.
  • Families arrange their own Airline transportation
  • Families agree to Criminal and Abuse background checks
  • Students must purchase district Medical and Liability Insurance to cover cost outside the US
  • Must apply for a passport at least 3 months prior to departure
  • Applications accepted from October 1st – January 15th
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